Measuring & Fitting Hosiery

How to measure

Start your measurements at the top and work down. Take the measurements while the customer is sitting if possible – they only need to stand up when measuring the thigh. Measure in centimetres and measure the largest part of the calf and smallest part of the ankle.

When measuring for hosiery, please bear in mind…

  • Measurements should be taken as early as possible, when any swelling is at a minimum
  • Measurements should be taken directly against the skin to ensure accuracy
  • Measurements should be taken for each leg as they may differ in size

Sometimes customers feel uncomfortable or embarrassed when having their legs measured. Try to make them feel at ease by:

  • Taking the measurements in a private area
  • Explaining how you are going to measure their legs before you start, including how far up the leg you will need to measure for thigh length hosiery
  • Explaining why it is important to get the right size hosiery so that it works properly
  • Explaining what you are doing at each stage

Fitting guide

1.  Insert your hand into the stocking as far as the heel area. Grasp the heel section and turn the stocking inside out.

2.  Position the stocking over the toes ensuring the heel is in the heel area.

3.  Roll the stocking over the foot and ankle and working in small sections, gently twist the stocking back and forth to ensure even pressure application.

If your customer finds it too difficult to put their hosiery on, Sockaid is available to help. It can be used with all classes of hosiery, either open or closed toe. Sockaid is available on prescription or can be purchased directly. Please use the pip code 319-4016.

Made to Measure Hosiery

Well-fitting compression stockings can make all the difference to a customer’s well being. As Altiform stockings are individually made to measure for each leg, they give your customer a more precise and comfortable fit. Right and left leg measurements are often significantly different and as customers may need two pairs of stock hosiery to take account of these differences, buying Altiform Made to Measure stockings can help save them money.

AltiMed’s Made to Measure ranges:

  • Cost effective
  • Made in the UK
  • Despatched within 72 hours*

Ordering Forms:


Altiform Made to Measure Order Form


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