Compression stockings. Made to Measure for each leg

Made to Measure

Altiform: Made to Measure

Well-fitting compression stockings can make all the difference to a patient’s well being and improve concordance. As Altiform Made to Measure stockings are individually made for each leg, they give your patient a more precise and comfortable fit. Right and left leg measurements are often significantly different and as you may need two pairs of stock hosiery to take account of these differences, buying Altiform Made to Measure stockings can help reduce your costs too.

Benefits of Altiform Made to Measure Stockings:

Bespoke stockings made especially for your patient can improve concordance and their quality of life.

  • 72 hour despatch from receipt of your order*
  • Made in the UK
  • Latex free

Altiform Made to Measure Styles

Prescribing Altiform Made to Measure Stockings:

When writing the prescription for Altifom Made to Measure, please state the product name along with the class, style, colour and quantity required. For example, Altiform Made to Measure, Class II, Thigh Length, Closed Toe, Soft Beige, 2 pairs

Altiform Made to Measure Order Form

Try our service for size. We despatch within 72 hours of receipt of the order*, so it won’t take long before the patient benefits.


Download and fill in an order form here, then fax back to us on 01509 501721.

Altiform Made to Measure Order Form

The success of Altiform Made to Measure compression hosiery speaks for itself

“Since changing to Altiform Made to Measure from ‘off the shelf’ hosiery, my ulcer has remained healed. Altiform Made to Measure is so comfortable, I forget I’m wearing it!” N.W (Derbyshire)

“My new Altiform Made to Measure stockings are a nicer material and much more comfortable to wear. Since I have been wearing them the swelling in my legs has gone down. They are much, much easier to get on.” P.R (Suffolk)

“From a nursing point of view the Altiform MTM is a lot easier for me to put on my patients legs, saving me time and effort.” R.P (Practice Nurse) (Suffolk)

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*Subject to forces beyond our control.